VENOM 3U Integrated Processor for Sonobuoys

Detect and identify the most elusive submarines

The UYS-505 "VENOM 3U" is the revolutionary next-generation Acoustic Processor from General Dynamics, the world-leader in Sonobuoy Processing innovation.

Product Features

  • Processing of any passive or active sonobuoy in fleet use
  • Control of Command Function Select (CFS) Sonobuoys
  • Intuitive Operator Machine Interface (OMI)
  • Concurrent processing of over 100,000 spectral cells
  • Specialized tools for Diesel Submarine detection
  • Optimized detection of transient target sources
  • Wideband coverage for active intercept
  • Scalable geographic display with tactical overlays
  • Embedded training module
  • STANAG 4283-compliant recording


VENOM 3U leverages the latest advances in signal processing technologies to maximize the detection of modern submerged threats, while minimizing Size, Weight, Power and Cooling (SWAP-C) for airborne installation. The fixed- wing variant processes up to 32 sonobuoys, while the rotary- wing version can process up to 16 sonobuoys in addition to its embedded control of dipping sonar.