Core to Edge Command & Control

CoCommand is a state of the art decision support tool enabling decision makers to visualize their domains and collaborate in real time.

Product Features

  • Shared understanding - CoCommand enables shared understanding by integrating multiple sources of data into a coherent picture.
  • Collaboration - CoCommand enables geographically separated users to collaborate in real time.
  • Reduce cognitive load - CoCommand aggregates and associates large amounts of data into meaningful information products which are tailored to the end user's needs.
  • System Agility - CoCommand provides a highly configurable workspace for users to create new information products and integrate new data sources because real world operations are complex with ever changing conditions.
  • Open Architecture - CoCommand supports run time deployment of components as OSGi bundles. CoCommand also provides open interfaces allowing the end user to customize CoCommand.
  • Scalability - CoCommand deploys to a single computing platform are a large scale distributed network.


  • Provides a commercial modular, flexible and intuitive tool suite for decision communities to collaborate and succeed in complex and ever changing environments.
  • Comprehensive decision support system that provides situational awareness and situational understanding for the decision makers and their staff.
  • Can be tailored to fit specific visualizations and user needs across multiple domains, job functions and organizations from core to edge.

Product Literature