Alenia Aermacchi: Team Spartan Adds Additional Canadian Members

September 5, 2013 | In The News

Below is a press release written by Alenia Aermacchi:

Halifax, Canada, September 5, 2013 - Team Spartan has added two new Canadian team members, Esterline CMC Electronics and FLYHT Aerospace Ltd., to its Fixed-Wing Search and Rescue C-27J Team. The addition of these companies reinforces Team Spartan's commitment to building a strong Canadian industrial network, with particular emphasis on well-balanced, regional distribution of benefits and involvement of small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

Esterline CMC Electronics, with headquarters based in Montreal, will provide several key pieces of flight equipment including a TacView® Portable Mission Display and a SureSight® Enhanced Vision System sensor. CMC is also in the short list of companies to provide a new C-27J Flight Management System (FMS).

The TacView® Portable Mission Display will display the aircraft moving map, automatic check list, mission system data, navigation maps, and when required, Link 16 and Blue Force tracking information. The SureSight® CMA- 2700 Integrated Sensor System for Enhanced Flight Vision System applications offers advanced digital video processing and compatibility with dual digital HUDs. The new flight management system will support new commercial communication, navigation, surveillance/air traffic management (CNS/ATM) and military global air traffic management (GATM) functions, as well as provide new datalink options (ACARS, AOC, ADS-C and CPDLC) and ADS-B capability.

FLYHT Aerospace Solutions, headquartered in Calgary, will provide a state-of-the-art Automated Flight Information Reporting System (AFIRSTM) capable of performing aircraft data transmission, voice and text messaging, and ondemand streaming of black box data through the Iridium network.

Both Esterline CMC Electronics and FLYHT Aerospace Solutions have strong Canadian operations and significant experience in the Canadian and international markets. CMC Electronics has over 100 years of experience providing high-technology electronics products, locations in Ottawa and Montreal, and over 1,000 employees across Canada. FLYHT serves more than 35 aircraft operators globally and employs more than 50 employees in Calgary.

Ben Stone, president and chief executive officer at Alenia Aermacchi North America said of the new team members, "We are excited to welcome these two companies onboard Team Spartan. CMC brings strong capabilities in avionics and systems integration, while FLYHT Aerospace Solutions adds extensive expertise in data communications. These two competencies are critically important for successful search and rescue missions, and having this equipment on our aircraft enhances our best value FWSAR solution. Further, these additions to Team Spartan demonstrate our commitment to enlarging our Canadian presence and to advancing and supporting the Canadian industrial base."

Matt Bradley, vice president of business development for FLYHT Aerospace Solutions commented, "FLYHT is proud to contribute its Automated Flight Information Reporting System (AFIRSTM) that will provide Iridium cockpit connectivity for Team Spartan. FLYHT takes great pride in providing secure communication and aircraft health monitoring data to many aircraft operating in harsh Canadian environments, and we are honoured to extend that capability to our Armed Forces in the search and rescue role where solid, reliable communications are critical."

Jean-Michel Comtois, vice president of sales and marketing and government and public affairs for Esterline CMC Electronics added, "As Canada's premier avionics company, CMC is very pleased to join Team Spartan and contribute to the FWSAR C-27J program with our world class product portfolio which includes a flight management system, portable mission displays, enhanced vision products and cockpit integration capability."

Team Spartan will continue to bring-on additional team members that add superior capability to its FWSAR offering and contribute to the advancement of the Canadian defence industry and supply chain. The C-27JFWSAR PRESS RELEASE solution will support new long-term, high-tech jobs, across Canada as well as investments in infrastructure and technology, making it an outstanding economic stimulus for Canada's aerospace sector.

About Alenia Aermacchi

Alenia Aermacchi, a Finmeccanica company, has a role of primary importance in the world's civil and defence aeronautical industry counts a total workforce of ca. 11,000 people and operates in the design, development, production and integrated support of commercial and military aircraft, trainers, unmanned aerial vehicles and aerostructures. In 2012 it reported revenues of € 2.97 billions, orders of € 3.2 billion and a backlog of € 8.8 billion.

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Esterline CMC Electronics ( has achieved an international reputation for innovation and excellence in the design and manufacture of electronics products for the military and commercial aviation markets. Esterline CMC's focus is on delivering innovative cockpit systems integration and avionics solutions to its customers worldwide. Its principal locations are in Montreal, Quebec; Ottawa, Ontario; and Chicago, Illinois. Esterline CMC Electronics is a wholly owned subsidiary of Esterline Corporation (NYSE:ESL,, a specialized aerospace and defense company headquartered in Bellevue, Washington. Esterline Corporation employs close to 12,000 people worldwide.

About FLYHT Aerospace Solutions Ltd.

FLYHT provides proprietary technological products and services designed to reduce costs and improve efficiencies in the airline industry. The Company has patented and commercialized three products and associated services currently marketed to airlines, manufacturers and maintenance organizations around the world. Its premier technology, AFIRSTM UpTimeTM, allows airlines to monitor and manage aircraft operations anywhere, anytime, in real time. If an aircraft encounters an emergency, FLYHT's triggered data streaming mode, FLYHTStreamTM, automatically streams vital data, normally secured in the black box, to designated sites on the ground in real time. The Company has been publically traded on the TSX Venture Exchange since 2003.


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