General Dynamics to Exhibit Full Spectrum of Capabilities at IDEX

February 19, 2015 | Featured Story

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates - General Dynamics will demonstrate the strength of its capabilities in the defense sector at this year's IDEX, displaying market-leading armament systems, combat vehicles, lightweight tactical vehicles and communications systems.

WHEN: February 22-26, 2015 -- Visit for symposium hours and admissions information.

WHERE: Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre - ADNEC

Exhibit Hall 2 -  Booth A03: General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems

Exhibit Hall 3 - Booth C06: General Dynamics Land Systems and General Dynamics Mission Systems

For each of the General Dynamics booths, exhibit highlights include:

Booth A03: General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems

The Flyer Family of Lightweight, Tactical Vehicles: a family of unique modular, Internal Air Transport (IAT) compliant 4x4 mission-ready platforms that bring superior capability and mobility to the warfighters' ever-changing mission needs. Built for speed, endurance and transportability, the Flyer vehicles are capable of extended range across rugged terrain. These versatile vehicles can be easily reconfigured to support multiple crew and mission profiles (from three to nine operators with full payload and mission profile kits).  Both the Flyer 60 and Flyer 72 are currently under contact with USSOCOM for their ITV and GMV 1.1 programs respectively.

The Flyer 72 will be shown in a six-man configuration with .50 cal M1A2 on the 360º gun ring and GD's innovative Lightweight Medium Machine Gun mounted on the back swing arm. This configuration can carry a crew of six, and a payload capacity of over 5,000 pounds while being internally transported in a CH-47 or externally underslung on a UH-60 helicopter. As a lightweight reconnaissance vehicle it can be equipped with C4ISR and a modular KE and underbody blast armor kit.

Flyer 60: At 60" wide, the Flyer 60 is capable of being either internally or externally transportable on the V-22, CH-53, C-130 and C-5 aircraft. The vehicle's modular approach provides rapid mission reconfiguration capability. The vehicle can be quickly configured in the field to perform multiple missions such as light strike assault, rescue and evacuation, command and control and reconnaissance, either armored or unarmored.

GAU-19/B .50 caliber Gatling Gun: provides lightweight, lethal firepower to a variety of land, air and sea platforms. The GAU-19/B is a lighter, more efficient mechanical design, with the same reliability and target saturation as the well-known GAU-19/A. At 106lbs, the externally powered, three-barrel is neutral to that of a single barrel .50 cal machine gun and has a rate of fie of 1300 rounds per minute.  The Gatling gun is an ideal weapon for utility, scout and attack helicopters, providing self-defense and light-attack capabilities in scenarios where tactical egress is essential.

Booth C06: General Dynamics Land Systems

General Dynamics Land Systems will showcase the latest in wheeled combat vehicle technologies with the Light Armoured Vehicle (LAV) Demonstrator. Based on the Canadian Army's LAV 6.0, the LAV Demonstrator represents best-in-class levels of protection with blast-deflecting Double-VTM hull technology and energy-absorbing seating for crew and troops. Sixth generation suspension and driveline technologies provide superior mobility, while the 30 mm Kongsberg PROTECTOR Medium Calibre RWS ensures highly accurate and lethal firepower. All systems on the LAV Demonstrator are currently in production and available as an off-the-shelf technology.

General Dynamics Land Systems-Force Protection Europe will display the Ocelot-Steel Hull (Ocelot-S). The Ocelot-S is derived from the United Kingdom's in-service Foxhound Light Protected Patrol Vehicle. The Ocelot-S provides a full steel protected crew compartment, fully backwards compatible with the Ocelot base vehicle. Ocelot-S provides the same excellent mobility, capacity and versatility of the Ocelot Light Patrol Vehicle. The ease of manufacture of the steel crew compartment provides a lower cost alternative to the Ocelot's composite crew compartment, while offering the same threshold level of ballistic protection. General Dynamics Land Systems-Force Protection Europe's Ocelot-S provides additional alternatives in providing world class protected vehicles in the "light role" with the capability for a fully integrated family of vehicles from a common base platform.

Booth C06: General Dynamics Mission Systems

General Dynamics Mission Systems will be demonstrating its vehicle electronic architecture, using the latest Smart Display Units that offer customized solutions for individual platforms. The Smart Display Units incorporate combat vehicle displays with high-end computing and graphics processors and programmable buttons and touchscreen user interfaces in rugged, compact enclosures designed to reduce size, weight, power and cost (SWaPc) on combat vehicles. They also offer a variety of mounting configurations and a range of video and data input and output options that simplify integration with vehicle systems.

Also on display will be General Dynamics Mission Systems' secure, fully functional Fourth Generation (4G) / Long-term Evolution (LTE) communications network, ideally suited for military and public safety organizations. General Dynamics delivers enhanced 4G/LTE solutions that provide high-performance wireless broadband connectivity to first responders and public safety workers, as well as the armed forces and local government agencies and services. Private broadband networks enable machine-to-machine communications, as well as data access to handheld devices, mobile computers and mobile command centers across broad geographic areas.

The Company will be showcasing its deployable infrastructure, highlighting the importance of the integration of systems into shelters and containers, and how such containers can be used for multiple roles, including effective border security. Innovative deployable infrastructure solutions provided by General Dynamics include command, communications, force-protection, medical and utility infrastructures, in an easily deployable format.

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