General Dynamics Showcases Next-Generation Technologies and Systems at Modern Day Marine Military Expo 2012

September 20, 2012 | Featured Story

WHAT: At Modern Day Marine, General Dynamics will demonstrate the breadth and depth of the capabilities it offers to the U.S. Marine Corps.
WHEN: September 25 - 27, 2012. For hours and admissions information, visit:
WHERE: Lejeune Field, Marine Corps Base Quantico 
Inside Booth 2104: General Dynamics C4 Systems 
Inside Booth 2110: General Dynamics Information Technology 
Inside Booth 2410: General Dynamics Land Systems 
Outside Booth 300: General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems 
Outside Booth 306: General Dynamics Armament and Technical Products

Exhibit highlights include:
  • The new Lightweight Medium Machine Gun (LWMMG), on display for the first time at Modern Day Marine, provides .50 caliber-like firepower in range and effect at the size and weight of currently-fielded 7.62mm machine guns.
  • The Spectre V-22-compatible vehicle, with innovative rollover protection and modular, threat-specific armor for multiple mission profiles.
  • The Flyer lightweight, advanced light strike vehicle ,which is capable of either internal or external transport on the V-22, CH-53, C-130 and C-5 aircraft.
  • The latest-configuration Cougar MRAP 4x4 vehicle with driver and co-driver visual enhancements, visor-mounted technologies and situational-awareness improvements.
  • InForceTM Tactical Instrumentation Suite, a portable integrated command and control system that provides a realistic training environment.
  • Demonstrations of real-time mission planning for Common Aviation Command and Control Personnel.

For each of the General Dynamics' booths, exhibit highlights include:

Inside Booth 2104: General Dynamics C4 Systems

General Dynamics C4 Systems is featuring two, hands-on demonstrations to showcase its communications and command and control tools:

  • Demo 1: "Under fire" real-time mission planning for Common Aviation Command and Control Personnel: As an airborne attack unfolds on friendly forces, visitors will watch as Marines in a Tactical Air Operations Center gather information and conduct an effective response through Common Aviation Command and Control System capabilities. This includes a vivid, three-dimensional display of multiple radar data and aircraft and missile tracks in-flight all fused into a single picture that can be used by air, ground and sea-based forces to respond to the threat. The real-time single integrated air picture improves collaboration during aviation and ground combat planning and execution for the Marine Air-Ground Task Force operations.
  • Demo 2: Wherever you go, the network is with you. See how Pathmaker radios enable secure network connectivity without towers, repeaters or other fixed infrastructure. Users communicate one to one and as a group with secure access to voice, data, video, text and GPS to send and receive critical information.

JTRS AN/PRC-155 Manpack, two-channel networking radio: The JTRS AN/PRC-155 two-channel Manpack radio completed the first demonstration of secure voice and data communications using the Mobile User Objective System (MUOS) satellite-communications waveform earlier this year. Interoperable with both legacy and the government's transformational waveforms, the PRC-155 is smaller, about five pounds-per-channel lighter than most single-channel tactical radios and installs easily on a wide variety of vehicles.

TACLANE®-MultiBook: The new TACLANE-MultiBook secure laptop is the only 'all in one' solution for mobile classified computing. Government and military personnel can now use this commercial laptop to remotely and simultaneously access unclassified and classified information. The MultiBook's integrated security protects information stored on the computer, as well as data being sent to and from networks classified Secret and below without the burdensome handling requirements of COMSEC equipment.

Smart Displays: General Dynamics smart displays work in the toughest physical and electrical environments and are the best display solution for land combat vehicles. Incorporating hundreds of functions into a compact enclosure, these smart displays reduce system design time, space and power requirements for vehicle integrators. The sunlight-viewable touch screen, powerful processing and ability to manage vehicle data and sensor information enable users to work faster and smarter. These smart displays deliver a decisive advantage in managing large amounts of information in a tactical environment.

Dismounted Communication Package (DCP): This lightweight, low-cost, baseband communications package enables communication in multiple security domains and handles both line-of-sight and satellite-based communications. The Dismounted Communication Package is easy to bring on-line and can plan, monitor and manage network operations using a network operations tool suite.

Common Hardware Systems - 4 (CHS-4): U.S. military organizations are taking advantage of the extremely flexible CHS-4 contract. With modular, scalable and interoperable commercial computing and communications technologies that are ruggedized to meet special requirements, the latest CHS-4 equipment will be showcased at Modern Day Marine.

General Dynamics Broadband: Our portfolio of tactical wireless networking solutions includes COTS-based wireless products that are built on proven technology. These products are enhanced with the highest levels of security to support tactical wireless communications in even the most austere environments. Featured products include the DS310, a PC-card that extends Secret-and-below encryption to the network edge with WiFi and Ethernet communication built-in.

Inside Booth 2110: General Dynamics Information Technology

InForceTM Tactical Instrumentation Suite: The InForce simulation and training instrumentation suite is a portable integrated command and control system that provides a realistic training environment and enables immediate after-action review for deployed and home station military personnel.

Inside Booth 2410: General Dynamics Land Systems

Cougar Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) 4x4 Vehicle: Produced by General Dynamics Land Systems - Force Protection, more than 2,000 Cougars have been delivered to the Marine Corps. The Cougar on display is an example of the base 4x4 platform that includes emerging technologies.

Spectre Vehicle: The General Dynamics Land Systems - Force Protection Spectre vehicle is compatible with the Marine Corps V-22, in support of the U.S. Special Operations Command GMV 1.1 program

Amphibious Family of Systems Readiness: The Marine Corps is collaborating with industry to produce affordable amphibious capability which includes requirements for an Amphibious Combat Vehicle, Marine Personnel Carrier and AAV legacy upgrades. General Dynamics Land Systems will illustrate its amphibious vehicle and marine hydrodynamics experience and readiness to meet the amphibious-lift needs of the Marine Corps.

Family of Light Armored Vehicle (FOLAV) Enhancements: As the original equipment manufacturer of the Marine Corps LAV family of vehicles, General Dynamics Land Systems is ready to meet the continuing LAV upgrade needs of the Marine Corps. General Dynamics' approach to mobility, survivability and modernization will be featured.

M1A1 Stabilized Commander's Weapon Station and Target Designate: The Marine Corps has recognized the need to improve the lethality of the M1A1 tank Commander's weapon. Drawing upon more than 50 years of experience in the integration of weapon fire control, General Dynamics will illustrate its ongoing efforts to facilitate these upgrades at depot and field locations.  

Outside Booth 300: General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems

The Flyer: The Flyer is an advanced light strike vehicle that is lightweight and capable of being transported either internally or externally on the V-22, CH-53, C-130 and C-5 aircraft. The vehicle's modular approach provides the warfighter with a rapid mission-reconfiguration capability. The Flyer's design is highly adaptable to severe, rugged and restrictive terrains and provides off-road, cross-country mobility. The Flyer is offered in partnership with Flyer Defense, LLC.

81mm Roll Controlled Guided Mortar (RCGM): Developed in partnership with BAE Systems, the 81mm is a man-portable, lightweight, affordable precision weapon. The tactical configuration of the RCGM uses the current UK L41 high explosive mortar round and a six-increment propulsion charge system produced by BAE Systems. The guidance package developed by General Dynamics consists of a GPS receiver, standard M734A1 multi-option fuze components, and the company's patented Roll-Controlled Fixed Canard (RCFC) control system. The system's increased accuracy brings effective fire on target quicker and reduces the number of rounds required for a typical mission.

Medusa Non-Lethal Incapacitating Scalable Response System: Medusa is a 66mm articulated launcher and advanced programmable ("smart") grenade with flash-dazzle payload technology. It provides temporary, non-lethal ocular, audio and concussive incapacitation through the use of intense light, sound and pressure. The system provides a full spectrum of escalating response for single-vehicle or convoy protection.

.50 caliber Reduced Range Ammunition: Featuring 12.7mm Ball (RRA) and Tracer (RRA-T) cartridges developed for short range operational applications. Manufactured with environmentally safe materials, the cartridges provide the same ballistic characteristics of full range operational ammunition up to 800 m. With a maximum range of 3,500 m and tracer capability up to 800 m, the versatile RRA cartridges offer a major advantage when operating in urban areas.

Outside Booth 306: General Dynamics Armament and Technical Products

Lightweight Medium Machine Gun (LWMMG): The LWMMG gives warfighters a distinct advantage in both extended and close-in fighting. The LWMMG provides .50 caliber-like firepower in range and effect at the same weight and size of currently fielded 7.62mm machine guns. Utilizing the highly efficient .338 Norma Magnum cartridge, the gun offers unmatched accuracy and lethality while extending the battlespace out to an impressive 1,700 meters. The gun's revolutionary recoil mitigation system has a recoil profile similar to a 7.62mm NATO weapon. The LWMMG's portability and integration of standard optics combined with the superior ballistic coefficient of the .338 NM cartridge provide overmatch capability compared to all known portable machine guns in the world.

M2A1 Machine Gun: General Dynamics Armament and Technical Products' M2A1 machine gun is an improved 12.7mm weapon, following the company's 30 years of experience manufacturing the M2HB machine gun. The M2A1 offers the proven performance and logistics support of the existing M2HB machine gun, along with the new features and design improvements of the Quick Change Barrel (QCB) system. The QCB has fixed headspace and timing, a flash hider and a handle to quickly exchange barrels in combat operations. These upgrades increase the performance of the battle-proven M2 gun and can be retrofitted to existing M2HB weapons.

3000 Series Independent Suspension Axle System (ISAS): AxleTech International, a General Dynamics company, will showcase its state-of-the-art 3000 Series independent suspension axle system (ISAS) for applications requiring high mobility and maneuverability. The double-wishbone design provides unrivaled ride control and handling with superior cross-country mobility and safety in all operating environments. The system is designed for both commercial and military applications and can be optimized for low-cost and lightweight vehicles.

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