General Dynamics at AUSA 2012

October 17, 2012 | Featured Story

At the Association of the U.S. Army (AUSA) 2012 Annual Meeting & Exposition, General Dynamics is featuring technologies that support the Army through unprecedented survivability, connectivity, mobility and lethality.

WHAT: At the Association of the U.S. Army (AUSA) 2012 Annual Meeting & Exposition, General Dynamics is featuring technologies that support the Army through unprecedented survivability, connectivity, mobility and lethality.
WHEN: October 22 - 24, 2012
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WHERE: Exhibit Hall D, Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Washington, D.C.
Exhibit highlights include:
  • Medium Tracked Concept Vehicle, Stryker + Tr: an innovative, cost-effective solution to the Army's AMPV requirements, Stryker + Tr provides double-V hull protection on a medium tracked platform.
  • First Stryker Double-V-Hull Exchange Vehicle: The first vehicle completed through a hull-exchange program designed to demonstrate the effectiveness of replacing Stryker flat-bottom hulls with more-survivable double-V hulls.
  • Super Buffalo Vehicle, increasing Soldier safety by reducing the number of personnel in close proximity to an IED, and offering greater operational speed and flexibility.
  • SPECTRE Wide Track Vehicle, a state-of-the-art, multi-mission, high-performance vehicle capable of rapid strategic deployment and tactical mobility.
  • The Flyer® Advanced Light Strike Vehicle, a lightweight and modular vehicle that can be quickly configured to perform multiple missions.
  • Warfighter Information Network - Tactical (WIN-T) Increment 2, delivering the power of the tactical, secure broadband network into the hands of commanders and their staffs while on the move.
  • Handheld, Manpack, Small Form Fit (HMS) network radios: the two-channel AN/PRC-155 Manpack enables twice the secure communications capability at about half the weight of two single-channel radios and the AN/PRC-154 Rifleman gives soldiers mobile voice, video and data communications capabilities similar to those available through commercial cellular networks.
  • Light Weight Medium Machine Gun (LWMMG) gives warfighters a distinct advantage in both extended and close-in fighting.

Additional exhibit highlights include:

Booth 6029: General Dynamics Land Systems

Medium Tracked Concept Vehicle, Stryker + Tr: General Dynamics will showcase its innovative, costeffective solution for the U.S. Army's Armored Multi-Purpose Vehicle program. Stryker + Tr is a medium tracked concept vehicle that provides commonality with the combat-proven double-V-hulled Stryker combat vehicle on a tracked platform. Mobile, lethal and survivable, Stryker + Tr has the capability to support the fight across a broad spectrum of combat operations.

Stryker Infantry Carrier Vehicle (ICV) with a Double-V Hull: The first vehicle from the Stryker double-V-hull exchange program will be on display at AUSA. The exchange program rebuilds flat-bottom Strykers into the newer double-V hull design, providing increased protection to Stryker-borne soldiers from the effects of roadside mines and improvised explosive devices. The new driveline and suspension also significantly improve the vehicle's payload capacity, ride stability and reliability.

Leader-Follower Technology: The General Dynamics Robotics Kit with Leader-Follower Technology (LFT) turns manned ground vehicles into unmanned robotic systems. Once equipped with this advanced technology, any tactical vehicle can be robotically controlled and can follow a leader vehicle's path at up to 55 mph, all while retaining the vehicle's manning ability. Already operationally tested and deployed, this low-risk modular solution provides flexibility to the convoy planner.

Super Buffalo: The Buffalo is the Army's primary route-clearance vehicle with extensive service in Iraq and Afghanistan and a proven record of blast survivability. General Dynamics has developed the next-generation solution, known as the Super Buffalo, which has a ground-penetrating radar that safely detects, interrogates and neutralizes IEDs. This robotic command-and-control platform offers greater operational speed and increased Soldier safety.

SPECTRE Wide Track Configuration (WTC) Vehicle: A high-performance, on- and off-road light tactical vehicle, SPECTRE WTC is adaptable to different mission requirements and offers tactical mobility and unparalleled rollover protection. With larger wheels, longer suspension geometry and increased articulation over the Narrow Track Configuration vehicle, it is transportable by air in a CH-47 or larger aircraft.

Maneuver Collaboration Center (mc2) Kiosk: mc2 is a community that encourages collaboration for innovative solutions and offers small businesses unparalleled opportunities to introduce their capabilities to General Dynamics Land Systems. Available on a 24/7 basis to its members, mc² aims to improve General Dynamics' product offerings in record-time to better serve warfighters. Visitors to AUSA will have an opportunity to learn about mc2 and sign up as a community member.

Booth 6243: General Dynamics Armament and Technical Products

Light Weight Medium Machine Gun (LWMMG): The LWMMG gives warfighters a distinct advantage in extended and close-in fighting. It provides .50 caliber-like firepower in range and effect at the same weight and size of currently fielded 7.62mm machine guns. Using the highly efficient .338 Norma Magnum cartridge, the gun offers unmatched accuracy and lethality while extending the battlespace out to 1,700 meters. The gun's recoil mitigation system has a recoil profile similar to a 7.62mm weapon.

The STRIKER40 MK47 40mm Advanced Lightweight Grenade Weapon System: A reliable, portable weapon system for mobile, tactical combat soldier units, the MK47 marks the first major advancement in crew-served weapon systems since the end of World War II. Integrating the latest sensing, targeting and computer programming technology, the MK47 weapon system provides U.S. and allied warfighters with a decisive technological advantage over enemy forces. The MK47 fires standard 40mm rounds, providing devastating firepower against soft and lightly armored targets.

Booth 6328: General Dynamics Information Systems and Technology

Warfighter Information Network - Tactical (WIN-T) Increment 2: WIN-T is the cornerstone of the Army's priority to modernize the network. It enables secure networked, command, control and communications from headquarters to the tactical edge. WIN-T capabilities on display at AUSA include:

  • Network Management System: The updated network management system for WIN-T Increment 2 streamlines the installation, operation and management of the network for signal officers and speeds up the planning, monitoring and control activities.
  • Generation 3 (GEN3) system: The multi-domain Distributed Computing Element Server (DCE-S)significantly reduces size, weight and power consumption by consolidating eight 'boxes' of networking and computing components to one server/storage solution with all of the tools and resources needed to maintain a secure, highly capable mobile network.

Handheld, Manpack, Small Form Fit (HMS) network radios: General Dynamics will display:

  • HMS AN/PRC-155 Manpack radio: The two-channel AN/PRC-155 Manpack enables twice the secure communications capability at about half the weight of two single-channel radios. It provides line-of-sight and beyond-line-of-sight, high-bandwidth waveforms for on-the-move voice, sensor, data and position-location capabilities on soldiers or in vehicles.
  • HMS AN/PRC-154 Rifleman radio: Visitors will see how the HMS PRC-154 Rifleman radio wirelessly connects with the GD300 smartphone-like wearable computer, enabling soldiers to send text messages, situation reports, images and mission-critical information.
  • Sidewinder Vehicle-mount accessory: A holster for the PRC-154 Rifleman radio, the lightweight Sidewinder accessory fits most vehicle mounts, and using the vehicle's power amplifier, adds 20 watts of power to the PRC-154 for networked voice, data and situational communications on the move. With the Sidewinder accessory, soldiers can 'jerk and run,' enabling reliable network connectivity in the vehicle or removed from the holster for dismounted soldier operations.

TACLANE®-MultiBook: The new TACLANE-MultiBook secure laptop is the only 'all in one' solution for mobile classified computing. Government and military personnel can now use this commercial laptop to remotely and simultaneously access unclassified and classified information. The MultiBook's integrated security protects information stored on the computer, as well as data being sent to and from networks classified Secret and below without the burdensome handling requirements of communications security equipment.

General Dynamics Broadband: With the recent acquisition of IP Wireless, General Dynamics expanded its expertise integrating complex communication networks for federal agencies and for defense with an industry-leading 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) wireless broadband portfolio. General Dynamics Broadband's ruggedized Network-in-a-Box provides the performance, reliability and security necessary for wireless military communications deployed at the tactical edge or in garrison. General Dynamics Broadband delivers innovative 4G/LTE wireless broadband solutions that meet the unique requirements of the highly specialized defense and federal government markets.

Secure Wireless Mesh Networks: General Dynamics Broadband will exhibit its Fortress secure wireless mesh network, a COTS solution that provides a scalable, self-forming, self-healing network for operational, outdoor and mobile networking deployments. The Fortress mesh network enables high-performance networking in austere environments where no network infrastructure exists and provides high-speed data rates greater than 300Mbps using advanced 2x2 MIMO radio transmission.

Smart Displays: General Dynamics smart displays work in the toughest physical and electrical environments. Incorporating hundreds of functions into a compact enclosure, these smart displays reduce system design time, space and power requirements for vehicle integrators. The sunlight-viewable touch screen, powerful processing and ability to manage vehicle data and sensor information enable users to work faster and smarter.

Booth 6043: General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems

The Flyer Advanced Light Strike Vehicle: A lightweight vehicle capable of being internally or externally transported on the V-22, CH-53, C-130 and C-5 aircraft. The vehicle's modular approach provides the warfighter with a rapid mission reconfiguration capability. It can be quickly configured in the field to perform multiple missions such as light strike assault, rescue and evacuation, command and control and reconnaissance. The Flyer's design is highly adaptable to severe, rugged and restrictive terrains and provides off-road, cross-country mobility. The Flyer is offered in partnership with Flyer Defense, LLC.

81mm Roll Control Guided Mortar (RCGM): The 81mm RCGM is a low-cost, precision strike mortar for use in the 81mm M252 and similar 81mm mortar weapon systems. The mortar uses the current UK Army L41 bomb, the US M734A1 multi-option proximity fuze, a US SASSM GPS receiver, and General Dynamics' patented Roll Controlled Fixed Canard (RCFC) technology. The 81mm RCGM was demonstrated in a tactical configuration in January 2012 in partnership with BAE Global Combat Systems Munitions and the US Army Armament Research Development and Engineering Center. It is the world's first tactically demonstrated 81mm precision-guided mortar round.

120mm Roll Controlled Guided Mortar (RCGM): The RCGM provides low-cost, precision strike capability for tube-launched mortar applications. It uses standard 120mm M934A1 mortar-round components, including the warhead and fuzing elements, with our patented Roll Controlled Fixed Canard (RCFC) and GPS-based guidance kit.

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