December Edition of Team Spartan’s FWSAR Newsletter

December 20, 2012 | In The News

December 2012 - This edition of the Team Spartan's FWSAR Newsletter includes an update on Team Spartan's recent activities, their perspective on the launch of the Canadian Aerospace Review and the final segment of a two part Q&A with former SAR pilot, Colonel (Ret'd) Pal Drover. They are also pleased to highlight the C-27J's recent homeland security mission, where the aircraft brought much needed equipment to support super storm Sandy relief efforts.

Below is a short excerpt from the newsletter.

The Canadian Aerospace Review

Team Spartan acknowledges the recent release of the Canadian Aerospace Review, a two-volume report led by former Cabinet Minister, the Honourable David Emerson.

While Team Spartan is combing throught the report details, we recognize that many of the Emerson Panel's 17 recommendations will directly impact Canadian aerospace companies. We also recognize the report is an effort by the Governemnt of Canada to better position Canada's aerospace industry and space program for long-term success. We congratulate both the Panel and the Government of Canada on the successful completion of the report and we thank them for their support in promoting Canadian industry. 

Broadly speaking, the recommendations call for Canada to encourage industrial growth by articulating priority technologies, loosening export restrictions, fostering industry and academic cooperation, financing long-term research and development  (R&D), bolstering industry capabilities through intellectual properties and technology transfer and, most significantly requesting weighted industrial regional benefit (IRB) commitments in proposals by prime contractors. With this in mind, Team Spartan would like to emphasize our commitment to Canada and its economic growth. By investing in Canada's workforce, infrastructure and technology, Team Spartan seeks to ensure Canada's continued economic success coast-to-coast-to-coast.

Colonel (Ret'd) Paul Drover is a former Canadian Forces pilot who has accumulated over 4700 hrs flying Maritime Surveillance and Search and Rescue operations. He has extensive experience in SAR policy development, resourcing and operations. Below is part two of a two part Q&A series with Mr. Drover. 

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