CDR: General Dynamics Canada Defends #2 Ranking

May 6, 2013 | In The News

Canadian Defence Review has published their annual edition listing the Top 50 Defence Companies in Canada. General Dynamics Canada has defended its #2 position "due to its consistent innovation, adaptation to changing markets and ongoing contributions".

Below is a short excerpt from the article.

Like many defence players General Dynamics Canada has been feeling the pinchfrom sluggish global demand. However this long-time sector player stands out byhow quickly and broadly it reacted. "We internalized the challenge and asked employeesto look for ways to make our business more efficient," says David Ibbetson,the company's general manager and vice-president (C4 systems). "That includesfresh ways to incorporate COTS technology into our products and systems, developingtechnology upgrades that will help extend the life of our customers' assets, andexpanding our reach to partners and experts, within industry, academia and the enduser community."

General Dynamics provides a wide range of products and services, from systemsintegration and electronic systems, to complete command, control, communications,intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance solutions. Major company mandatesrange from the supply of mission systems for Canada's new navy CH-148 Cyclonehelicopters to armed forces land command support systems and the CP-140 Auror aIncremental Modernization Program. In short the company's increased efficiencieswill benefit a lot of defence stakeholders.  

Read the full article here. [PDF]

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