Royal Canadian Air Force: Canada’s Modernized CP-140 Aurora has ‘James Bond’ Properties

May 20, 2014 | In The News

Article written by Captain Wright Eruebi from the Royal Canadian Air Force

Below is an excerpt from an article written by Captain Wright Eruebi from the Royal Canadian Air Force.

"The Block III modernization puts the Aurora tops among the world's leading surveillance planes of its kind" says Major-General Pierre St-Amand, the commander of 1 Canadian Air Division and Canadian NORAD Region, in a recent article on the upgraded aircraft.

"Given Canada's vast maritime domains, its Arctic region to protect, including the wide variety of missions that we do both domestically and internationally, the modernized Aurora will deliver capabilities to better enable commanders to react decisively in any mission."

The Aurora was originally acquired in the 1980s, and the Aurora Incremental Modernization Project (AIMP), consisting of blocks of modernization work, began in 1998 to upgrade its capabilities. General Dynamic Canada is the Prime Systems Integrator for the Block III enhancements and was contracted to develop the Data Management System (DMS) and Acoustic Suite subsystems for the Aurora aircraft.

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