C-27J FWSAR E-Newsletter - April 2014

April 16, 2014 | In The News

C27-J Fixed Wing Search and Rescue E-Newsletter

Team Spartan's latest edition of their FWSAR newsletter has been issued. This edition recognizes the international success and value of the C-27J as a proven, efficient, agile, and adaptable platform - one that is able to meet the multi-mission requirements of today's Armed Forces.

Below is an excerpt from the newsletter.


The procurement of new fixed-wing SAR aircraft will be competitive, open, and transparent, ensuring the best value and level of service for Canadian taxpayers while providing the Canadian Forces with a capability that meets their operational requirements.

The competitive procurement strategy is a capability-based requirement in which industry, including Team Spartan, will be required to propose the type, and number of aircraft; as well as the number of bases required to meet the level of service. The overall solution must be affordable and based on an evaluation plan that is fair, just, and transparent.

Based on the terms, conditions, and requirements in the draft RFP Team Spartan believes it can provide Canada with the FWSAR capabilities required within the prescribed budgets.

The requirements for FWSAR are performance-based, including the response times of the competing platforms. The Canadian Forces currently have FWSAR aircraft operating out of four main operating bases: Greenwood, Trenton, Winnipeg, and Comox.

While bidders are only mandated to have one base in each of the three SAR Rescue Regions and are not mandated to use existing bases, Team Spartan believes Canada would be best served by operating out of the four existing SAR bases. Team Spartan believes changing the number or location of bases to ensure a platform fits within the budget may negatively impact Canadians. Such proposals may reduce response times to selected parts of Canada and would likely involve lost jobs to those regions impacted. Indeed, if bases are closed or relocated to satisfy the program budget, up to 250 jobs could be lost or shuffled to another region.

Team Spartan understands that the RCAF have selected the current locations based on detailed analysis of past incidents and knows that SAR crews have trained extensively to best service those in need from these bases; it is therefore our intent to enable them to continue to provide the level of service expected by Canadians.

Team Spartan believes that, when it comes to saving lives, Canadians deserve nothing less.

To read the full story, go to www.c-27j.ca.

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