Speciality Engineering

Ensure that your technologies, products and systems are engineered to meet operational requirements in real world situations. General Dynamics Mission Systems-Canada includes specialty engineering services during the design phase of all programs.

Specialty engineering services are provided by integrated, cross-discipline teams, of skilled engineers and technicians working with state-of-the art technologies and tools. These teams draw on extensive experience and expertise developed providing integrated defence solutions to customers worldwide.

Our Teams

  • Electromagnetic Effects and TEMPEST - Ensures that our systems and products will not be degraded by interference, and will not generate compromising emanations that could disclose national security information.
  • Reliability, Maintainability, Testing (RMT) - Ensures that new systems and products contain reliable components for their intended environment. It provides data to the Integrated Logistics Support Services (IILS) community, while maintainability and testability assessments ensure maintenance and failure detection are optimized for efficient and effective support.
  • Safety - Ensures systems and products are designed for safety in both use and maintenance. It performs holistic safety analyses to detect hazards that could cause injury or impact user health and the environment.
  • Human Factors Engineering - To optimize end user performance and minimize the potential for errors, this team ensures that systems and products are designed for efficient and effective human and machine interaction. This is achieved by creating user interfaces and systems that consider the needs of end users and the limitations of both man and machine as they interact.
  • Airworthiness - Ensures that airworthiness requirements are integrated into all aspects of engineering development, manufacture, maintenance and in-service support. This results in airborne systems and products that are certified for aviation safety at initial installation and integration and through continued use.

Our Processes

Finally, our comprehensive design services include mechanical, environmental and MCAD design processes supported by the most advanced computer modeling tools and test facilities. Plus, system analysis and modeling processes provide an in-depth view of the performance of our systems through modeling, simulation and 3D visualization before they are delivered.