Platform and System Integration and Test

General Dynamics Mission Systems-Canada manages the test engineering and integration facility for the Department of National Defence. This integration facility provides a primary test bed for Land Command Support System components before they are deployed by the Canadian Army.

Highly-Trained Test Engineers and Technologists

With more than 20 years of experience testing complex military systems, the General Dynamics' System Integration Validation and Verification team designs and implements intelligent and responsive, functional and environmental test programs that reflect full life cycle exposure of any system component. This team of highly-trained test engineers and technologists has the expertise to evaluate requirements from concept to final design.

Complete Integrated Approach

We provide complete test coverage in all areas, including:

  • Bearer services
  • Data networks
  • System management and security
  • Software and firmware
  • Audio/acoustics/voice systems
  • Environmental
  • Test tools
  • Test operations

This complete integrated approach ensures that all system components on a platform are operating as required based on engineering specifications and all pertinent Interface Control Documents. When problems are identified and rectified, the team retests components and systems to ensure that the complete solution meshes into a seamless product, system or system of systems.

Consistently Reliable and Repeatable Results

All our test programs deliver consistently reliable and repeatable results based on our world-class Configuration Management Team, standardized processes, and a library of standard tests that can be adapted and applied to any piece of equipment. They can be performed at different stages in the product development life cycle using our state-of-the-art facilities, equipment and testing tools. And they can be applied to test equipment, vehicles and systems solutions in lab or field environments.

Lab Environments

For large scale test programs, the team uses practical configurations and operational simulations to ensure testing is realistic and representative of customer environments and usage. This is enabled by lab environments created to represent 40 to 60 vehicles and three to four headquarters at various levels.


Vehicle Electronics Life Cycle Management

General Dynamics has helped to enhance the U.S. and international M1A1 fleets by replacing obsolete Line Replaceable Units (LRUs) with reliable, more compact, digital versions, while maintaining connectors and physical mounting locations.