In-Service Support (ISS) Programs

We provide complete systems integration and life cycle support services for rugged land, airborne and maritime applications. Take advantage of our unsurpassed experience managing large-scale, highly complex in-service support (ISS) programs for customers worldwide.

Our systematic approach and comprehensive processes, procedures, tools and certifications ensure support projects are structured to meet each customer's unique requirements.

Backed by over 60 years of experience

Our ISS programs are based on more than 60 years of experience supporting military and commercial air, land and sea-based products. This experience is backed by an extensive history of engineering and support innovation and proven expertise designing, testing, manufacturing and supporting components, systems and platforms throughout their in-service life.

Largest LSA resource in Canada

Our Integrated Life Cycle Support (I-LSS) Logistics Support Analysis (LSA) team is the largest LSA resource in Canada. It is trained and experienced in support system modeling and analysis for the preparation of support products that meet military and commercial standards, and it provides continuous sustainability support to fielded systems.

System tailored to your needs

The foundation of all our ISS services is a performance-based measurement, management and reporting system. We tailor this system to each customer's needs by focusing on key performance indicators (KPIs) that directly impact delivery of contracted service levels.

Life of Product Support

All support services are managed throughout the life of a product, meeting and often exceeding end-of-life estimates. Plus, all products and systems are monitored through a proactive obsolescence management process designed to identify issues as they arise. And they are backed by complete product repair and overhaul services, which ensure products are available for each mission. This helps customers maintain a high level of system operational readiness while maximizing effective operational life.

Comprehensive Training

Finally, our complete approach to ISS includes comprehensive training services. Our systems approach to training covers all requirements, including development and deployment of complex training devices tailored to each customer's operations and maintenance needs.